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Visure Requirements 4.6.1 is now available!
This new patch includes performance improvements in the check-in and undo checkout actions, allows all users to create baselines through the API and fixes the following issues:
  • In the description tab in VR4.6, under special circumstances, the symbol '>' is displayed as '<' (and vice versa) in VR repositories. This may also happen when these characters are typed in this tab. This issue is limited to the description tab, and has been fixed in 4.6.1. We recommend the revision of descriptions created in VR4.6 that include these characters after installing 4.6.1.
  • When working in the hierarchy view, it is no longer required to refresh the display to show the correct parent item in the properties tab and the item itself in the correct position.
  • It is no longer possible for a user to create cyclic parent-child relationships. These cyclic parent-child relationships cause the application to stop working under certain circumstances.
  • Generalization relationships will be managed properly regardless of the number of motive versions.
  • When a requirements view is shared and set as predetermined for a group of users it no longer takes effect on the predetermined views of other kinds of elements.
  • When Visure Requirements detects a window saved in a non-visible area it is automatically moved to a visible position.
  • The message raised when trying to delete an enumerated attribute value, which is set as default but not assigned to an item, has been improved.
The new version of the installation guide covers the process to follow when the administrator wants to register a license and there is another license already registered. It also remarks that the upgrade process of the Visure Requirements Repository must be run using the Admin user. More details can be found in the Release Notes.
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Release Notes
Installation Guide
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Download and Installation

The customers with an active support and maintenance service contract will be able to download the new version from our download area (standard installation or unattended installation). The new version is delivered with a user guide and installation instructions. The new installation guide includes information required to successfully install all of Visure Requirements' components and simplify the deployment for end users and administrators.
If you already have Visure Requirements 4.5.X installed, please follow the steps described in the installation guide, chapter "How to install a new intermediate version of VR".
If you already have Visure Requirements 4.6 installed, download Visure Requirements 4.6.1 patch, uncompress the downloaded file, run the installer and go through all the steps of the installation wizard.
If it is the first time you install Visure Requirements, follow the instructions included in the section "VR installation from scratch" of the installation guide.


By clicking 'Closed Cases' in the Service Desk Portal you can access those of your company’s cases addressed in this and earlier releases.
Please contact our Service Desk Team at the Service Desk Portal if you encounter any problems downloading the new version, or if you need additional information. It is our pleasure to offer you the best possible support.
Your questions and feedback are welcome and appreciated, as well as your continued support!
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Pilar Ortega

Techical Support Manager

Visure Solutions

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