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Visure Requirements 4.7.1 is now available!
We are happy to announce that a new Visure Requirements Service Pack is now available.
In Visure Requirement 4.7.1 link information is now available through two new columns in the grid view: Link Indicators, Suspect Link Indicators. Furthermore, the following fixes are included:
  • Performance Improvement in creation of components
  • Update of codes and links when updating components.
  • Update of name and descriptions in reused items.
  • No columns are now duplicated in any view when changing the sorting either through drag&drop or in the grid view configuration dialog.
  • The links behavior when an undo-check-out is performed is clarified in the User Manual.
  • When importing MS Excel files with the Import Tool, changes in DATE type attributes are correctly analysed independently of the format in which the date appears in the MS Excel file (Date, General or Text).
Visure Requirements 4.7.1 is compatible with Visure Requirements Prioritization 4.7, Item Templates 4.7, Test Management 4.7 and FMEA 4.7. 
These extensions are also available in the Visure Community, downloads section. 


More details can be found in the Release Notes.

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Release Notes
Installation Guide

Download and Installation

The customers with an active support and maintenance service contract will be able to download the new version from Visure Community, Downloads section, using your Service Desk credentials. The new installation guide includes information required to successfully install all Visure Requirements' components and to simplify the deployment for end users and administrators.

If you already have Visure Requirements installed, please follow the steps described in chapter "How to install a new intermediate version of Visure Requirements".

If it is the first time you install Visure Requirements, follow the instructions included in chapter "Visure Requirements installation from scratch".


In the Visure Community you can access those of your company’s cases addressed in this and earlier releases.

Please contact our Support Team through the Community if you encounter any problems downloading the new version, or if you need additional information. It is our pleasure to offer you the best possible support.

Your questions and feedback are welcome and appreciated!

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Pilar Ortega

Product Support Manager

Visure Solutions

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