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Visure Requirements 4.8 is now available!

Visure Solutions is pleased to announce the release of Visure Requirements 4.8. 


This new version includes features for improved usability, functionality and performance:

  • Users can be more productive in some of the main activity areas in the tool, they can:
    • Create and edit information faster.
    • Create links more easily, through the new drag & drop link creation functionality.
    • Search for text in items faster and replace with new text, through the new Search and Replace extension.
    • More easily modify attribute values for a selection of items with a redesigned multi-item attribute edit tool, which can help in activities such as establishing initial values for a group of items, or reconfiguring attribute values after copying information.
  • Information browsing and analysis have become much easier and faster: view creation and editing have been reviewed, these task are now more obvious to all users, increasing the value of the functionality that can be used even for small tasks. 
  • Traceability analysis has been enhanced, increasing the number of questions that can be answered with the tool. Users can now quicker respond to questions such as “Which of my requirements are not currently linked to tests?” or “Which of my requirements are gold plating, since they are not traced to higher level requirements?” using the improved links filter capabilities.
  • Performance is now improved by up to 50% in some functionalities in low bandwidth environments. This performance increase may also benefit users in other network environments, who should perceive noticeable increases in user responsiveness in some areas, like project opening.


Visure Solutions continues to listen to users and work on improvements in the tool suite, in order to provide best-in-class solutions for requirements management needs from companies around the globe.


More details can be found in the What’s New and Release Notes documents.


The following sets of product versions are compatible:

  • Visure Requirements v4.7, v4.7.1, v4.7.2, v4.8
  • Visure Report Manager v4.7, v4.7.2, v4.8
  • License Server v4.6 & v4.6.1 
  • Visure Database v5.00 09
  • Visure Requirements Prioritization (PPM) v4.8
  • Item Templates (IT) v4.8
  • Test Management (TM) v4.8
  • FMEA v4.8
  • Search and Replace v4.8
  • Visure Requirements integration with HP ALM v4.8


Visure Requirements 4.8 is not compatible with previous versions of Visure extensions and integrations. It is required to recompile the extensions with this new version. New versions of the supported extensions, compatible with Visure Requirements 4.8, are also available in Visure Community, Downloads section.

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What's New
Release Notes

Download and Installation


Customers with an active support and maintenance service contract will be able to download the new versions. Please request the download links by email at or create a request into the Visure Community.


To get detailed information about our products you should go to Visure Community, Downloads section, using your support credentials.


The installation guide includes information required to successfully install all Visure Requirements' components and to simplify the deployment for end users and administrators. If you already have Visure Requirements installed, please follow the steps described in chapter "How to install a new intermediate version of Visure Requirements". If it is the first time you install Visure Requirements, follow the instructions included in chapter "Visure Requirements installation from scratch".


To install Visure Report Manager check the Visure Report Manager User Guide, chapter "Installation".




In the Visure Community you can access those of your company’s cases addressed in this and earlier releases.


Please contact our Support Team through the Community if you encounter any problems, or if you need additional information. It is our pleasure to offer you the best possible support.


Your questions and feedback are welcome and appreciated!

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Visure Requirements Installation Guide
Visure Report Manager User Guide
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