Visure Integration with HP ALM/Quality Center

Visure integration with HP ALM/Quality Center allows

  • Automatically synchronize both tools: no more "push to export" button. Synchronize the changes performed in one tool automatically in the other one. Users may forget about the integration that will be completely transparent to them. Keep the information of both tools up to date.
  • Take the most of both tools change impact analysis: See the impact that changes in requirements may have in tests and the other one around, how the results of the tests may affect the related requirements.

From Visure Requirements to HP ALM

  • Users can create requirements in Visure Requirements and synchronize them automatically, along with their traces, to HP ALM in order to define the corresponding test cases.
  • Users can synchronize the changes performed in VR requirements with the ones in HP ALM and perform impact analysis in the related tests
  • Also, a first draft of functional tests can be easily defined from detailed requirements. This initial set of test cases and their traceability to requirements can be exported to HP ALM in order to complete the tests.

From HP ALM into Visure Requirements

  • Test cases can be imported back into Visure Requirements along with the traceability established in HP ALM and the results of those tests executions. The test cases synchronization allows analyzing test results within Visure Requirements to assess possible impact.
  • Not only test cases but also test sets, test executions and defects may be synchronized.

Visure Integration HP ALM Quality Center